Problem in the Network, please help.

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Problem in the Network, please help.

Postby KoallaS on Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:35 pm

Hello, I want to talk about a problem that is happening to me about 4 months ago, it is a topic that I am already tired of what happens and that does not let me play in peace, the problem is that whenever I log into an online game in the servers of Latin America (LATAM), YES or YES I have to have 40 of ping / ms or less so that I go well, if I go to +40 me VERY bad, out of nowhere the game is slowed down and come back with the ball on another side, sometimes I throw the car back. This happens to me in ALL the games, I'm going to 60/50 ms / ping and it's almost impossible to play and we do not talk if I'm going to +100 or 100, that's IMPOSSIBLE to play.
I was investigating what could be and it appeared to me that it is something called lost packets, they say the solution is calling your company and telling you that you have lost packets but they tell me they did not find any errors.
For more information add me on Steam: KoallaS ™
I am looking forward to your response.
Greetings from Argentina / Buenos Aires.
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