How did this last patch pass testing?

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How did this last patch pass testing?

Postby P3zZeR8 on Tue Feb 26, 2019 4:47 pm

I'm really curious and confused about this last patch. Sure, friends list addition is great, but legit EVERYTHING else took 2-10 steps back.

-Sound FX (glitching, popping, some boost
/trail sounds are OP af and can be heard at 100% volume even when the players car is across the map)

-Visual (particles floating near the field causing static -- not sure what the point of adding them was)

-Casual Matchmaking (half of the time get thrown into a game with 1-2 minutes left and team is getting absolutely rekt, pointless)

-Input lag (was not an issue for the past year and now seems to be worse than ever before)

Seriously, how did this patch get pushed out without proper testing? I will also be contacting Sony PS support to ask why they allowed it to be released to console, again, without proper testing.

tia if any dev can shed some light on this.

p.s. I'm uploading a video to this post once it is rendered.

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