Game Keeps crashing

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Game Keeps crashing

Postby Virus5252 on Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:44 pm

For some reason the game has crashed on me about 3 times.
No error message, just CTD. It is very quick too. The game doesn't freeze or jitter. One moments its there. The next, poof, its gone.
This issue first appeared maybe a week ago?

Wouldn't be an issue of my allies weren't such crybabies. It takes me 10 seconds to relaunch and rejoin, but by time I am back in, they have already forfeited. Because of their inability to survive a few seconds alone, I get banned for it (albeit for only 5 minutes). Come on shitonix. Why punish me for your own game not functioning properly?

I do have the game through steam. Validated integrity. No issues found.
Drivers up to date.
This is the only game that this happens in.

I am unable to locate a crash log/dump.
I DO have a crash dump from 6/9/18. Not one recently though.
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