My Premier League 2017/18 Predictions

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My Premier League 2017/18 Predictions

Postby Devious-Dolphin on Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:02 pm

Please Note:
-Every year people expect teams will do how they usually do, they don't expect upsets or surprises.
-I'm not putting my predictions on here to show others, its for my own use. I'd like to come back and see how I've done.
-If you're interested in more of my opinions and thoughts, follow me on twitter, @AliRealTalkCFC.

20th: Burnley
-Sold some key players.
-Poor going forward.
-Will probably have a decent first month and then just decline real quick.

19th: Brighton & Hove Albion
-Bad end to last season.
-Good transfer window for a small team.

18th: Southampton
-Didn't upgrade squad.
-Injuries to top players would start a big decline.
-Will be outside the bottem 3 for a majority of the season.

17th: West Bromwich Albion
-After last season, will have high expectations. Pressure will get to them.
-Manager might get sacked and things will go downhill.
-Bad end to last season.

16th: Newcastle United
-Too dependent on big players.
-Transitional period for them this season. Will get better in the future.
-Keep an eye out for Kenedy, big talent.

15th: Huddersfield Town
-Great transfer window.
-Good manager, good squad morale, and low expectations.
-Young and explosive attacking squad.

14th: West Ham United
-Most key players are injury prone.
-Poor defense.

13th: AFC Bournemouth
-Struggle to stop counter-attacks.
-Young players without a real leader.
-Lack squad depth.

12th: Leicester City
-Great transfers in Maguire, Ibbora, and Iheanacho.
-If they have a bad start, will sack the manager and that would mess up their season.
-Key players are inconsistant.

11th: Crystal Palace
-Have a great squad and great manager.
-Signed important players, but need more for a better season.
-Could beat any team, but inconsistant.
-Keep an eye out for Loftus-Cheek, hes good enough to win young player of the year.

10th: Stoke City
-Great signings.
-Going to be real tough to score against. If Zouma and Butland get their past form, they will in the team of the season.
-Will take alot of points off the top teams.

9th: Watford
-One of the best transfer windows in the league.
-Great manager.
-Good squad depth.

8th: Everton
-Lack a 20 goals per season striker.
-Great squad depth. Including some talented youngsters coming into the first team.
-Europa League is going to make things difficult.

7th: Swansea City
-Great end to last season.
-Last season, they had a new manager, new players, and had a bad start, but they got chemistry now.
-Tammy Abraham will be in the race for golden boot, for young player of the year, and he will get Swansea wins when they should've drew.

6th: Tottenham Hotspur
-Had a good season last year, doesn't mean they're world class.
-No squad depth. An injury to a key player might be crucial to their season.
-Great manager, but plans on bringing the youth into the first team, could be risky.
-New stadium, if they lose a few games, blaming the stadium would hurt the team mentally.

5th: Liverpool
-Will have a great run in the Champions League.
-Injury prone players.
-Defense is poor.

4th: Manchester United
-Best starting XI in the league. Pressure will get to them.
-Jose Mourinho is too stubborn to change things up when its not working out for them.
-Most players don't have a winning mentality.

3rd: Arsenal
-Learned from bad season.
-Proven goalscorer.
-Versatile players.

2nd: Manchester City
-Players are too attacking.
-Defense is inconsistent.
-Lots of new players who need to adapt to the team.
-Will win the FA Cup.

1st: Chelsea
-Winning mentality manager and players.
-Great squad depth.
-Rarely get a long term injury.
-Multiple leaders in the squad.
-Will win the league cup.
-Might have a bad start to the season, but will bounce back strong.
-Keep an eye out for Musonda Jr and Boga. Big talents.
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Re: My Premier League 2017/18 Predictions

Postby Aceofspades on Fri Aug 18, 2017 8:38 am

It's funny how you gave credit to some teams for signing Chelsea players. You really think Loftus-Cheek has shot at winning YPOTY with Palace when you have the likes of Gabriel Jesus and Rashford? Not only that, you look at all the teams that you gave reasons to why they are going place here but you gave Chelsea the most. Like bro don't even make a table next season to save you the trouble just say Chelsea is going to win league and be done with it because this whole thing is full of contradictory. I understand you are a Chelsea fan but somewhere down the line you have to be real with yourself instead of being that petty little kid who doesn't even have valid reason on why his team is going to be good this season. I mean you said Chelsea have a good winning mentality players and manger. You don't think Pep, Mou, Poch, Klopp even Benitez doesn't have that same mentality? Let me lament this out for you with reality.

Chelsea are not going to win League this year. They are in 4 competitions and they do not have that much Squad depth maybe in attacking but not defense. They might place a UCL spot or do just as good United did last season. Your manager is not really getting exactly what he wants, sounds familiar?

This season is all about City and United. City are obviously favorite they signed too much talent for them not to and Gabriel Jesus has the potential of being the best player in PL. I'm pretty sure you are familiar with Mou always winning in his second season with clubs, I guess since he is not a Chelsea it doesn't matter to you. Anybody who has squad depth this season is City.

Arsenal are not placing 3rd. Wow they signed Lacazette and a defender doesn't change a thing about them they literally need a whole new squad. You wanna talk about injury prone take a look at their players.

They excuse you made Everton lol. "Lack a 20 goals per season striker." Well isn't that every team in PL? They didn't even do as good when he was with them. Look at all the players they signed and the transfer market isn't closed yet. They have a solid defense and Sandro isn't a bad player he is the reason why Malaga beat Barcelona last season. You think Swansea is gonna do better than Everton because they sign a "young" player from Chelsea you are insane bro. Definitely not top 10 and Everton might take Chelsea spot in top 5.

Stoke city might have the defense NOT BECAUSE OF ZOUMA but because they sorta always been solid in defense. They do not have the offensive approach tho.

Son Southampton getting relegated this season? I'm not even going to explain why they are not going to get relegated other than they are a mid table team which means they are a decent team and have semi talented players.

I want you to realize who Newcastle is yes they got relegated that season but that's because they had a shit manager back then. They got Benitez, he might not be all that but for him to win la liga with VALENCIA and win UCL with Liverpool he knows what he is doing.

I already said this but the Transfer market is not close so Spurs got time.

Now i will disappear again for a long time.
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My Premier League 2017/18 Predictions

Postby acroglela on Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:47 pm

Nobody is interested in the Premier League anymore. The Championship is where its happening these days.
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