Rocket Pass 2 Launches December 10

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Re: Rocket Pass 2 Launches December 10

Postby BigPatch on Thu Dec 27, 2018 7:59 am

This is low psyonix, making the premium iteams non tradable? This just saddens me that you went this low as this game is around $20, theres dcl packs and cars, new crates being made, keys to unkock them and the pass.

The pass last time was good as you got better items along the way and could trade after so long, why not makes these items tradable after a week or a month or somthing, this is cheap that you had to do this buisness plan to us players.

And alot of people dont like painted or certified items and i probs could had gotten someone to buy 5-10 keys to purchase a premium item from me which would had given you guys profit and the players who like to trade items they dont like with keys to either trade or to buy more crates with the key trade.

I hope this gets fixed to what the players want which is the ability to trade, heck i would pay 1 key to be able to trade premium items and i also hope in the next pass players will have the ability to trade like the first pass cause alot of players are not happy with your decision, i thought i wouldnt need to write somthing like this but you probs would earn more money by doing it like pass 1 with people buing keys to get items and pushing many players away from getting the pass as there might be items in there that they might dislike alot and cannot trade them for a chance of an item that they would prefer better, this was a strange buisness plan for you to go with and i hope, severlupy hope it changes to alow us to trade premium items.
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Rocket Pass 2 Launches December 10

Postby Mathewvof on Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:52 pm

The Rocket III has a HUGE engine... 143, 144 cubes, if Im not mistaken.

Didnt know they were coming out with a touring edition though.

I did look at them when I was shopping for my Heritage.
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