Casual 1v1 Tourney Plat 3 And Below | Cash Prize

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Casual 1v1 Tourney Plat 3 And Below | Cash Prize

Postby McBallard on Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:19 pm ... low-week-5

The next 1v1 tournament is upon us! Sign up now!

To be eligible for prizes, make sure you sign up through Matcherino also!

If over 20 people sign up AND attend, the prize pool will double.

I am offering $10 PSN or $10 Steam Card for the best Logo created by August 31st.
Must Include
- 280px by 280px Tournament logo. requirement [Must have Platinum 3 Rocket League symbol]
- 128px by 128px Logo that represents "Ballarch"
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