[Steam][PS4][NA]GameTimeGo's Monday(7/03) 3v3 Tournament

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[Steam][PS4][NA]GameTimeGo's Monday(7/03) 3v3 Tournament

Postby Quinton92 on Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:19 am

Welcome to Game Time Go's weekly 2v2 tournament! Grab your best mate and sign up to win some cash, crates, and in-game items!

Tournament Info:

**Date:** July 3rd, 2017

**Time:** 7:00 PM CST

**Registration Ends:** 6:45 CST

Tournament Rules

**Rules:** Double Elimination 3v3 - 6 Crate Entry Fee per team(Any Crate)

You can see our rules page on Battlefy Here: [Rules](http://bit.ly/gtgbattlefy)

**Prizes:** This tournament is setup as follows:

- 1st Place will receive $10 cash(minimum) + 50% of the prize pool crates

- 2nd Place will receive 30% of the prize pool crates

- 3rd Place will receive 20% of the prize pool crates

- EU players are allowed to play, but we host on NA servers.


- PS4 and Steam users are allowed to compete, but the PS4 users are only eligible for the cash prize. We do not have any crates for PS4 unfortunately.

This prize pool is subject to change if we receive more donations. We use [PayPal](https://www.paypal.com) to pay our winners, so please take the necessary steps to ensure you can receive your prize.
If you would like to donate to increase this prize pool, you can visit this link: [Matcherino](http://bit.ly/gtgmatch)

If you would like to sign up for our tournament please visit our [Battlefy](http://bit.ly/gtgbattlefy) link and register your team along with the existing contestants.

We also require that anyone who wants to compete in our tournaments join our [Discord Community]
(http://bit.ly/gtgdiscord) where you can see any important announcements, and communicate with the Admins/Mods to receive your prizes and handle any tournament disputes.

Even if you are not interested in the tournament, do not hesitate to check out our [Discord](http://bit.ly/gtgdiscord)! We play many other games besides rocket league, and we have around 575 members currently.

Thank you for your time, and good luck in the tournament!

**Other Weekly Tournament Dates:**

- Wednesday : 1v1 Double Elimination Tournament

- Friday : 2v2 Double Elimination Tournament

**We are also looking for casters! Feel free to join the discord and submit an application!**
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