Discord Tournament server

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Discord Tournament server

Postby MixSkillzGaming on Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:46 am

Join https://discord.gg/Cv8DvJN

This is an discord tournament server you come on here and meet other members in this server and make your team.

the only teams that are able to participate in these tournaments are teams made in the server.

This is for complete fun and isn't real maybe in the future i might do some tournament give aways but they are gonna be really small prizes like 50$

you can earn ranks in this discord server like Best Team of the Servers week.

And also best play you can submit your plays in the Submit plays section where you can submit your play but cannot talk.
Please note any inappropriate posts will be instantly removed!.

I will also be picking a few moderators to help out the community in discord (No PAY) Its Volunteer.

There will also be a rank given out to members who have the best! Play of the week that me and my team decide
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