[PC] 2v2 Christmas Rumble + Hockey Tournament

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[PC] 2v2 Christmas Rumble + Hockey Tournament

Postby yitan1991 on Fri Dec 16, 2016 11:48 am

Hey everybody! From the snowday comunity we're making a christmas tournament with some really nice prize pool, rising everyday thanks to contributions from our members :) Expect a bunch of keys, CC4, special items and more.

The tournament will be available for both NA and EU players.

Regiistration link: http://challonge.com/es/tournaments/signup/ggxBqiRhhq
Tournament discord channel: https://discord.gg/HrJsV4E

Registration open from 16th to 22th, starting the tournament on 23th. Only one of the team members should register (the "captain") and announce the team line up on the discord channel (#teams) or in the steam group. Games could be set for free whenever it suits for both teams, but we might schedule some days to organize & stream a "marathon" of matches.
Rules are simple:
- Games will be BO3 (excepting the finals which will be BO5)
- Winner team has to update the results on challonge, adding screenhots / replays to prove the result
- In case there's a EU team vs NA team, the one listed on top will play as home, meaning that the 1º match will be played in their server, 2º in the "away's" server, and 3º again at home server
- Games will be 2v2 snowday + rumble, played on snow day arenas (both allowed) with the following mutators:

*Game duration: Unlimited
*Max Score: 5 goals
*Bounce: Low
*Boost: Fast recharge
* Regular rumble

In case you need a partner you can use the discord channel #lft to find other players with no team

See you on the ice!
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