Ambrosia League

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Ambrosia League

Postby Paxatron27 on Sat May 12, 2018 1:12 pm

Hello! I am excited to announce my new league! The AMBROSIA LEAGUE!

The Ambrosia league will be an RLCS styled league (With league play and playoffs) and will be ran through discord.
The Ambrosia league is still under construction, so not everything is perfect yet. BUT we do plan on getting this started soon. You can find more information on the discord. There is no entry fee to the league, HOWEVER there is a prize pool of about 30 keys+
The Ambrosia league plans on doing most games on weekends. We will be streaming most of the games also. (Again more information on the discord)
We are looking for Casters and Moderates, if you would like to take one of these roles please contact Ambrosia#0489 on discord. (also contact ambrosia if you have any questions regarding the league)
- Champ 1 or lower
(That's it!)

If you join we hope you enjoy participating!
Have a great day!
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