[PC] Mach 3 LF Experienced Players 1700+ 3’s MMR

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[PC] Mach 3 LF Experienced Players 1700+ 3’s MMR

Postby InfiniTea on Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:34 pm

Mach 3 is an Esports organization founded in 2017 we currently have a rocket league team and overwatch team. Our current rocket league team is starting to plateau and fall out as it did in the past with this same roster. LOOKING FOR SERIOUS PLAYERS ONLY. We need deticated players to play for us we have great staff and host tournaments within our community as well. We placed 14th in the renegade cup just by one loss if we could have won one more we would hav been top 8. We currently have 2 main roster Dasc and Cobra but is always open to change. During the renegade cup our avg mmr was 1750.

Discord -> https://discord.gg/2RqG4sG

After joining send me InfiniTea a msg or Brady a message. You can also @ one of us in general But DM’s are preferred.
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