[PS4][NA] Chronic Emesis---Champion 1 Team

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[PS4][NA] Chronic Emesis---Champion 1 Team

Postby John-E-Conga on Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:28 am

Hey, Champion 1 Players. Nice to Meet you. I am John-E-Conga From Chronic Emesis. ChEm is an E-Sport Active Discord Community. We are now more than half way to our goal of 20 hand-picked members. ChEm now Fields 2 full Diamond and Platuim teams.

ChEm Now has one Champion 1 Member and we are looking for 3 more Members. To build a 4 man tournament Team around him.

To Join be over the age of 18. Post a little about yourself and send an Email to [email protected] with your PSN ID and 3v3 Rank. Thanks for your Time...Peace
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