[PC] [PS4] The Sky Blue Gaming Community Looking for Players

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[PC] [PS4] The Sky Blue Gaming Community Looking for Players

Postby SkyClashes on Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:03 pm

What is The Sky Blue Gaming Community?

The Sky Blue Gaming Community is a brand new Public Gaming Network & Community consisting of players from a variety of games. The purpose of starting this community was for gamers worldwide to have a place they can go to and meet others in a non-toxic and friendly environment. There are is minimum age or certain gaming background required to join. One thing we offer though, is an 18+ area where older gamers can hang out and chat with others around their age. Below is a large amount of information which will allow you to understand and get a good vision of what the community is about and our goals with it.

What games do we support?
Currently, we support the games listed below, however we are open to adding more games if a player base forming on the network can be almost guaranteed.

League of Legends
Rocket League
Players Unknown Battlegrounds
Elder Scrolls
Slime Rancher
Civ 6
Destiny (1 & 2)

*Please note that we plan to add communities in more games that are brought to us by members of the network*

Each of these games will be supported in our community and will each get an associated discord as the player base in each grows. Some games will be aimed at creating teams in the near future to eventually form into an eSports Team. We also have plans to reach out to new games that are new to the scene.

Private Gaming Servers

Our community is planning to have dedicated servers in the near future. The amount of donations will determine how many servers are offered and how long they stay up. Another factor that goes into our servers, is the player base of the game offered. If there are few players for that game, then the server(s) will removed.

*Private Gaming Servers are open to everyone in the community, however, some may be whitelisted to prevent large populations from entering*

Our Goals as a Community/Network

Expanding into a larger network with more to offer for our members
Become a community where gamers from all over the world can have a place to hang out and have fun doing what they enjoy
Branching out into more games and eventually starting an eSports team
Promote upcoming YouTube and Twitch channels for those a part of the community
Hold large competitions across different games and platforms

What if I want a community based on an individual game?

If you are looking to enjoy a community more focused on an individual game, you have come to the right place. We currently have a hub server where gamers from all games can chat, however, we also support the creation of individual game communities connected to our main one. However, these servers will be created based on the player base for each game and will be advertised on the hub server.

What else do we offer?

At this time, we can offer a brand new network with many goals set in place. We allow all who join us to have a say in new additions to the network and changes. In the near future we are aiming to begin our Youtuber & Livestreamer Promotional Program where we will support up and coming youtubers and livestreamers. Another thing we aim to offer is our own hosting company for private gaming servers. We have a TeamSpeak and Discord for people to communicate in game and out. Finally, we hope to gain sponsors overtime and share our benefits with the community.

Are there any benefits I get for joining?

As a member of the network, you will have the ability to meet up with others from around the world that come from a number of backgrounds. These consist of gamers, programmers, youtubers, livestreamers, and more.

(Exclusive Tournaments & Events)

How do I join?

If you would like to check us out, feel free to check out the Links of Interests below for links holding more information about the community.

Message from the Owner

Hello everyone, I hope you all have survived making it this far into the forum post. I would like to keep this short as I know you have most likely read a lot. Here at Sky Blue Gaming, we offer a variety of gaming communities for players to join. I personally, have a vision to grow this community and take it higher than most communities. I understand that this isn’t an overnight process and could take a few years to occur, however, I am dedicated to making this community a place where everyone can chat and have a great time whether it’s gaming, programming, new regarding technology, or general content. I hope you will consider joining the community and I along with many others will be happy to welcome you in.

Links of Interest

Twitch: Coming Soon
Youtube: Coming Soon
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/BGU7McR
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