auto boot inactive players

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auto boot inactive players

Postby hucklebarry on Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:24 am

I guess this still exists because loot crates are the core revenue stream (i.e. the keys for them). Otherwise I can't imagine how 75% of all the games I load up are 3 cars on the opposite team that never move the entire time. This should be ridiculously easy to spot and correct (automatically). The cars never move unless bumped by my team. I've also noticed some tend to enjoy these matches as a way to pad stats. I guess I'm just used to teammates trying to steal goals and don't really notice the difference but its enough to make me want to take breaks from the game when its a 3 to 1 chance I have to spend the next 5 minutes (* much more than that with all the forced goal replays since at least 3 people are farming afk) demoing cars out of boredom.

Things that might help or go along with this:

If a car hasn't moved in 20 seconds auto remove from match. Even if technical difficulties, that is too long to penalize teammates, they can correct and find another match.
allow users a ban list (won't join matches with players listed in them). Allow temp ignore of list and/or filtering with/without list.
If a player has x number of matches with fewer than x points, ban account (allow for incidental deflects, etc. that can happen while afk).
Never award crates or gear when certain criteria aren't met. (i.e. no notable stats, no comments, no input, etc.) It should be very easy to discern between new players and farmers. Reward the new players and starve out the farmers.

In regards to length of game (watching replays)....
The score can get high with 3 afk farmers on the other side doing nothing. 5 minutes turns into 10 when watching all the replays. Since we can already record the match at the end, please consider the following:

allow an option to rewatch only highlights (goals, saves, shots on goals... perhaps a checkbox system to pull up a vid of only desired footage).
- just my highlights, - all highlights, - just goals, - just saves, - just shots on goals, etc. 30 second ESPN style highlights would be great for social media sharing, game hype, etc, anyway. If that could show during the voting/waiting process for the next match, I'd be more likely to stick it out rather than quit and try to find another group.
Don't require unanimous votes to skip. I've yet to run across anyone who doesn't want to watch their own goal.... even their 500th goal. Again, if they really want to see it... its in the recorded game. can we get a skip if 50% vote? FYI, 50% is still unanimous when in a farming match :/ So I'd vote for an even lower number, but also trying to be reasonable. anything lower than 100% is an improvement.
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