You need a better support system...

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You need a better support system...

Postby duckshard on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:49 am

So a while back I came across a person who crate farmed...fair enough I reported him via the ingame report function.

Took a look at his profile and managed to find out he had an alt account. He has been using this alt account to smurf and boost. I collected numerous screenshots and his SteamID (as a custom name is easy to change). I reported all of this via your Rocket League support website only to be told to report him via the ingame menu.

The reason I reported the player via support is because of this menu design...
"Feedback, bugs and player reports" -

Which leads to...

"I would like to report a player" -

So then why did I get this response from your support team telling me this isn't the way to report a player...

There is no appropriate way to report someone boosting via the ingame menu when the evidence for the boosting takes place outside of the game...something which you can only report outside of the game via a support ticket.

Not only this, considering the person I reported did the following...

- Smurfing
- Boosting
- Crate farming

The player was still allowed to roam free to offer his boosting service once more. In which I have always kept track of his alt account and sent details via a support ticket linking to my original ticket. When comparing the details of the evidence it clearly proves that the account I provided support the info on is exactly the same SteamID as the person I'd previously reported.

So I'd like to know why this player that I've provided more than enough evidence of his boosting is allowed to roam free to ruin the experience of people who are genuinely playing?

People who boost damage the ranking system by making those who are struggling to rank up consistently lose because they are much more skilled than the rank that they are. In which they are free to then derank and start the whole boosting service again. This for me just ruins ranked play as 50% of the games you play you will either come across someone who is smurfing or someone who is boosting.

I find it quite disgraceful to be told by your support team that the "I'd like to report a player" option is not for what it says and to report the player via the ingame menu.

It just gives me a bad view of your support practises.
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Re: You need a better support system...

Postby duckshard on Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:22 pm

Still have yet to receive a reply on my latest support ticket.

It's becoming Valve like...
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