Season 5 banner rewards commentary

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Season 5 banner rewards commentary

Postby vegard1992 on Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:55 pm

I made a long post about this which was lost in the process of being asked to login after submitting, so here's the bullet point version. :frown:
Props to you guys for this rewards; they're fine and I don't think they look nearly as bad as everyone says HOWEVER they are in dire need of some slight tweaks at the very least :roll:

Dragons -> okay ;)
I don't agree with the hate, they're fine. Redditors just bandwagoning as usual. They could however use some improvement. Each and every one attempts to be super menacing in its own way. These are BeyBlade, Yugioh, Kids dragons. Only the bronze one is acceptable. Some of the lightning seems a bit odd, and I'd suggest doing them in different poses. They also make the spaces occupied by the emblems too stuffy!

Text -> almost
The font is nice, it mostly blends, but not 100%. IS explicitly stating the rank within the banner necessary though? It feels very redundant. Some of them are slightly mis-aligned.

Border -> decide
Right now it feels an accessory to the dragon, making poor attempts at stealing the show. The simple designs of silver and bronze are fine. I don't mind the attempts to make cooler borders as rank increases, but efforts fall short.
Either make the border the main focus and have the dragon secondary to it, or choose less prominent border designs.

Shape -> oops :lol:
Okay. This is the biggest flaw. It is a hard-edged rectangle. It does not match any art design in rocket league whatsoever. Menu items? Parallelograms. Matchmaking/Options? Rounded-off rectangles. Logo? A shield. Simplest fix -> make well rounded edges. Alternatively -> Shield logo. Something similar to League of Legends; Riot Games have produced the nicest looking ranked emblems out there. A third option which would look quite nice is to make them in the shape of parallelograms like your menu items.

Background -> ? :cheesygrin:
Second biggest flaw right here. The first one looks like you took a .jpeg image at 25% quality - of something blurred - and made it brown. The silver one looks like the skin-cell of a man-turned-stone by the fearsome Medusa herself. There is no scheme here, they are all way different! The diamond one is very stretched horizontally. Then there's the champion one, it looks like fucking Qubert with its isometric cubes. Finally the Grand Champ one just looks silly, serving only to break any appearance of a general design entirely. Don't try to make the banners cool or unique with strange background patterns! Instead change the borders or the poses of the dragons. The gold one is decent, but i much prefer the platinum one. Make every background in the style of your platinum banner; repeating patterns of empty shapes (squiggly lines) in the form and color of their emblems!

If you were to not to dragons since everyone hates them (I think they're alright), then do animals. Here's my suggestion. :shock:
Bronze -> Fox, Silver -> Snake, Gold -> Lion, Platinum -> Eagle, Diamond -> Shark, Champion -> Panther, Grand Champion -> Bear
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Re: Season 5 banner rewards commentary

Postby Rufmeister on Fri Sep 08, 2017 7:23 pm

Thank you for your suggestion!
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Re: Season 5 banner rewards commentary

Postby N7Mith on Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:42 am

Nice worked out post. Haven't more than glanced at them, myself. I don't find them interesting at all.
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