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Custom Training Additions

Postby KyleSR on Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:40 pm

Hello! This is my first post on the forums so I would like to say greetings to anyone reading this that I don't know! :D

To start, most of the rocket league community can agree that custom training was one of the best updates to ever come to the game! It's been awhile now and even though there haven't been updates to it, people still use it, which is great! The entire point of custom training is to help players train to improve their skills without having to try to do it all in freeplay or the rookie, pro, all-star training sets that have always existed in the game. My suggestion is for an update for custom training to allow the creators of these packs to have more power to create more of obstacle type packs. For example, these custom training pack creators could be able to add a wall or hoop that they can put anywhere on the map. Or possibly an option to enlarge the map so there aren't any walls + having the options to add obstacles to it. This idea could be expanded upon greatly, I just want to get the overall idea out. I apologize if anyone is upset with this post, because I know I may not be the first person to suggest this. I just strongly believe this would be great for the game.

I think this is an interesting idea for a few reasons. One, because I know many people, who care to improve, still use custom training and try setting up shots they struggle with or just want to nail down so they never miss. Second, because I know it's intimidating to try getting into and creating a workshop map and putting in the time to make it be how you envisioned. I think having an update like this would be a good way to somewhat close the gap between custom training and workshop maps. Players won't be so concerned with trying to find a workshop map or just using freeplay to try to practice a skill or improve on a mechanic. I'm not sure how difficult something like this would be to implement, but I think it would make a large amount of the community very happy.
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