Community Spotlight: Learn from the Pros

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Community Spotlight: Learn from the Pros

Postby Dirkened on Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:06 pm


With the RLCS Season 4 World Championship just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to highlight those RLCS players in this month’s Community Spotlight! Behind every Rocket League pro is a set of high-caliber core mechanics that enables them to perform at the highest level. But how does an average player rise through the ranks to contest with the best of them? The pros are here to help!



Rocket League pro players have continued to show that they are always perfecting their craft. This month, we have a handful of hidden gems that will teach you how to read the ball just like the popular C9 pro, Torment, does. They'll also teach you how to redirect crazy shots like NRG's Jacob, or how to achieve Metsanarius' [from Method] level of precision. Work through some of these packs and you'll likely never be afraid to "take the shot" again!

  • 1 Jacob NRG Consistency #Cob 6BA1-4EBC-0281-94BF
  • 2 Squishy Cloud 9 Backboard Shots 2486-EEA6-B887-A040
  • 3 Torment Cloud 9 Ground Shots FF10-05AF-EB4A-2B7D
  • 4 Jacob NRG Jacob - Hard mode Redirects AE39-F114-BE8D-A5BE
  • #5 Zanejackey Ghost :thinking: EAD0-97DE-565B-ACE0
  • #6 Torment Cloud 9 Torment's Redirects 7B6D-9D2B-D123-E6B5
  • #7 Metsanarius Method wall-backboard shots A163-2324-2159-B5A0
  • #8 Al0t Method FeelsGuddieLuddieMan 0C73-23DC-01F4-89FF
  • #9 Deevo EnVyUs Backboard/Sideboard Shots 1E6C-5192-B2E1-C768

If you're looking for more helpful advice, don’t forget to drive by last month’s Community Spotlight to discover new ways to practice ball control!

YouTube Tutorials

Typically, more intricate Rocket League techniques and strategies require more than just a Custom Training pack. Lucky for us, a few well-known RLCS pros have taken the time to explain how they master those kinds of challenges in the lists below. Here are some of our favorites:
Can you rise to the top thanks to this month’s featured training packs? Practice, practice, practice, and find out! See you again next month!

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Re: Community Spotlight: Learn from the Pros

Postby PocketFullOfSunshine on Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:02 pm

Dirkened wrote:Can you rise to the top thanks to this month’s featured training packs? Practice, practice, practice, and find out! See you again next month! 

Well not when you fuck with the ranks and make us work with crappy servers and mechanics... just saying....
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Re: Community Spotlight: Learn from the Pros

Postby Tentacles on Sat Oct 28, 2017 6:01 pm

I want to be excited about this post but the current state of servers are ruining the game, it's impossible to play like a pro with HCB.
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