Changes Coming for Competitive Season 5

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Re: Changes Coming for Competitive Season 5

Postby Tentacles on Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:53 pm

GrimM wrote:Always people complaining when a new season is about to start :p. Most cry about rewards, some cry about no rank reset. Some people cry that they are ''stuck in their rank''. So funny to see :p. I personally can't wait for Season 5 :D and think they are doing a great job. The one thing I would prefer next season is that in ranked, when you queue with a full party, you lose more points than you would if you solo queue'd.

This is probably because you are the perfect average player, capable of being carried and never carrying so you slowly rank up to ranks you don't belong in. Unfortunately, most of us don't play into Psyonix's forced curve.
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