Banned from matchmaking

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Banned from matchmaking

Postby Willdykesthe5 on Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:33 pm

Today I have logged on to find out I Have been banned for matchmaking. The message I received was, "Leaving matches creates an unfair match for your teammate, hurts your rank, and will cause increasingly severe punishments." However, I know for a fact I did not abandon match while playing a ranked game at all since the update containing the ban record came out. Yet today I log on to find out I'm banned without entering in a match? I gave it the benefit of the doubt and waited out the 5 minutes as it wasn't very long anyways, hoping I could get back to playing. However, when the timer ran out and I queued again it said I got banned again for leaving and this time I was banned for 10 minutes?! How is it possible I got banned again for abandoning when I never even entered another match, let alone leave one... I shouldn't have been banned to begin with, and now I have two bans on record for something that is clearly impossible.
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