suggestion to prevent some trading scamming scams

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suggestion to prevent some trading scamming scams

Postby Tyger speed on Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:40 pm

Had a thought on helping to fix the issue with getting scammed when trading in game. If there was a short window sort of like trade lock, say 5 minutes when after your trade is finalized you could choose to reverse/cancel the trade, I think it would eliminate most scams.
My son who is eight made an error in judgment and trusted someone he shouldn't have. He lost his heatwave. Now this was a cheap life lesson to learn for him but if there was a reverse button he could have cancelled the trade immediately when he realized his error.
To be fair everyone would have the option of cancelling. That way you have time to check that you got the right items. No one is trying to switch out items or pull fast ones. Or that moment you overpaid or got underpaid you could reverse the trade. I think less people would be inclined to try easy scams if you could reverse the trade within a couple of minutes. As well those items would be untradeable (tradelocked for 5 minutes) until the cool down time is up. that way the scammer cant trade the items to another account.
In the real world there are laws regarding buyers remorse and your ability to return items you have purchased why not here too.
A lot of people would be a lot happier about the trading process. Then rocket league could spend their efforts in chasing down real scammers who use exploits and hacking instead of constantly getting requests to "return my items."
Please help get the word to rocket league to help us enjoy the game even more.

From Reddit as well realize that this wont fix everything and yes we monitor all trades. This was a trust issue. He made a mistake. But lots of people are still complaining about losing their items. Maybe together we can all come up with some ideas to help.

Thanks guys.
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Re: suggestion to prevent some trading scamming scams

Postby N7Mith on Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:45 pm

This wouldn't be a bad idea.
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