Think your teammates bring you down? It's not them, it's YOU

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Re: Think your teammates bring you down? It's not them, it's

Postby Doomstrike on Wed May 16, 2018 9:32 am

Except that anything hit past mid field counts as a shot on net even if it isn't actually ever going to go in. I agree with NoOne, your noob detector would be shot to goal ratio. I play with guys that have 10 shots a game with no goals because they all get crappy wheel hits or poor easy shots to save. I don't want a system that rewards them when I end up taking 2 shots all game and they end up being goals.

I agree somewhat that diamond rank could be split up a bit more as low diamond and diamond 2 is night and day difference from Diamond 3 and champ 1.

I completely disagree with you on the 2 shots is a warning sign because I've played plenty of games where you are lucky to have 4 shots on net total and the game ends a 1-0 or 2-1 in overtime. Those aren't noob warrning they are smart players because only noobs take shot after shot on net instead of making a passing play. If you want to move out of diamond easly the key is back board passes. Don't take the shot just smash the ball against the wall beside the goal post for easy rebound hits. You bait the goalie and if they don't out right miss they end up out of possition and you can maintain pressure. Team play wins games not solo plays (most of the time)
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Re: Think your teammates bring you down? It's not them, it's

Postby NoOne-NBA on Wed May 16, 2018 9:36 am

ChristianoRivaldo wrote:But when we want to detect a noob, looking at shots per game from a large number of games is a good indicator

Noobs can score easy goals, they can assist by accident, they sure as hell can save a million times by staying back like a scared noob, but they have trouble making alot of actual shots on goal. Because it takes some skill to do that.

I don't see shots as the unilateral "good indicator" you think they are.

All shots tell you, by themselves, is which players concentrate on slamming the ball toward the goal.
Without context, they don't give you any kind of indication as to whether those shots were good plays, or bad.
Your suggestion assumes anything that goes toward the goal is a good play, and that's absolutely not the case.

Just like the "scared noob" will rack up saves, the "stupid noob" will rack up shots, without actually contributing anything.
They'll have the same trouble making saves the "scared noob" has with making shots because they won't be in the proper position.
If all you do is fire everything you touch straight at the goalie, you'll get a lot of shots, but be an even bigger liability to the team than the perma-goalie.

I'll take the guy racking up zero points at midfield all day long, over some guy sending the ball straight to the opposing team every time he touches it.
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Re: Think your teammates bring you down? It's not them, it's

Postby littlebigleg on Wed May 16, 2018 9:55 am

One mans shot is another mans miss.Too many shots from one player all the time could indicate a ball chaser,Shot stealer,Over committer,Bad rotating or just being scared to defend now and again
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