Rocket League Patch Notes v1.38

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Re: Rocket League Patch Notes v1.38

Postby perry14 on Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:04 pm

The same thing happens to me, I do not know why the screen freezes whenever I try
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Re: Rocket League Patch Notes v1.38

Postby KPChavez16 on Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:01 pm

My RL game has been freezing during my online match plays after the newest update. I have not experienced any such freezing beforehand since I’ve had the game within the last year. I’m on the PSN and my S/N - KPChavez16 :octane:
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Re: Rocket League Patch Notes v1 38

Postby Withthe_Uknown on Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:43 pm

Derricknen wrote:Is the Mac version of Rocket League steam ever going to be moved out of beta? How well does it work?

Didn't know it was in beta, it works as intended, it just when the updated was release, it kinda just messed everything up, but I saw they did a server fix a few days ago and kinda fixed a few things and the maps didn't lag as much as they did after the patch since they did the server maintenance.

But my game runs fine, on current mid 2012 MacBook pro, only minor bugs are the control setup with the ps3 always changing like you have to keep restarting the game just to get the steam controller setup to work right even if I'm using a ps3 controller with works 95% of the time and the time it doesn't work, i can't even scroll up or down or the the movement of the controller is bugged stuck in on direction so the scrolling either continuously moves up or down, or the start button only works and a second car pops up jet the rest of the buttons don't do a thing unless you in big picture mode and hit the "ps" button in the middle to bring up the controller setup options and the controller works just fine in the big picture setup but when I minimize the blue window with the ps button, the controller is like having a deformed connection with the game itself, not the steam platform.
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Re: Rocket League Patch Notes v1.38

Postby StopSnitchin on Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:31 pm

needa give us a trash can ta put tha stupid s*** we don't want n no one will take from us like dumb a** exotic wheels n that stupid a** holiday stuff, i some reason can't get rid a. hmm.. weird, wonder why? n a way ta keep tha stuff i want ta keep n tha stuff i use regularly separate from tha stuff i don't want or wanna trade. then maybe wldn needa trash can bt I'd rather throw away tha stupid s*** no one will take n is stuck in my inventory
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