The High Score Challenge!

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Re: The High Score Challenge!

Postby giddygiddy99 on Thu Dec 25, 2014 11:42 pm

this is giddygiddy85 combustible record ... EYfgfZzV0Q
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Re: The High Score Challenge!

Postby TheGreatGambit on Mon Dec 29, 2014 5:30 pm

First post in over a year :o

Combustible: 35
Unfair: 19

Current Leaderboard

ThePieManOfDeath: 16
Mye_bipod_4shor: 9
MikeJC: 6
giddygiddy85: 2
onnoole: 2
Ryan094: 1
Devious-Dolphin: 1

Scavenger: giddygiddy85, Mye_bipod_4shor, onnoole & ThePieManOfDeath with 60
Powerslide: Ryan094, giddygiddy85, onnoole & ThePieManOfDeath with 23
Combustible: ThePieManOfDeath with 35
Multi-Ball: MikeJC with 77
Unbalanced: Mye_bipod_4shor 21
Colorblind: MikeJC & ThePieManOfDeath with 23
Cubic: Mye_bipod_4shor & ThePieManOfDeath with 20
Time Warp: ThePieManOfDeath with 28
8-Ball: MikeJC with 131
Unfair: ThePieManOfDeath with 19
Domination: MikeJC with 23
Territory: ThePieManOfDeath with 24
Sandstorm: MikeJC with 53

Easy: ThePieManOfDeath with 21
Confronter: Mye_bipod_4shor with 35
Triple: ThePieManOfDeath with 19
Pair: ThePieManOfDeath with 19
Ringer: Devious-Dolphin with 22
Loaded: Mye_bipod_4shor with 15
Faceoff: ThePieManOfDeath with 29
Triplet: ThePieManOfDeath with 16
Overflow: Mye_bipod_4shor & ThePieManOfDeath with 15
Duo: Mye_bipod_4shor with 15
Rival: MikeJC, ThePieManOfDeath, & Mye_bipod_4shor with 24
Trio: ThePieManOfDeath with 18
Finale: Mye_bipod_4shor with 17
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Re: The High Score Challenge!

Postby Devious-Dolphin on Fri May 15, 2015 6:54 pm

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Re: Think you got a High Score? Brag about it here.

Postby Jonsteve on Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:24 pm

IdleHacker wrote:btw, I don't think I have a score better than any of those :cry:

Don't worry no one in this world is worse player then me I can bet your score are higher then me, :mrgreen:
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