SARPBC Veterans Gaming Night - Saturday 27/02

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SARPBC Veterans Gaming Night - Saturday 27/02

Postby vel72027 on Wed Feb 24, 2016 2:19 pm

Hey Community,

Team FireWall wants to do some SARPBC matches with old Battle Cars veterans on Saturday (27/02) evening/night (~20-22 CET?)
We want to do a Livestream while playing these matches on the PS3.

If you are a SARPBC veteran and want to participate, just let me know in this thread or msg me on steam or psn (vel72027) or mail (contact[at]vel[dot]online).

Greetings vel

Participating players:

Wrong_Way_Woody - Wrong_Way_Woody
Linkuru - LinkinBoy
Baithoven - Black-Hawk - vel(2)
HeavY - darknight97
vel - vel72027
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