SARPBC 2-Improvements/Freestyle discussion/Whatever, really.

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Re: SARPBC 2-Improvements/Freestyle discussion/Whatever, rea

Postby aiden91 on Thu May 16, 2013 10:31 am

This has turned into a nice topic.
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Re: SARPBC 2-Improvements/Freestyle discussion/Whatever, rea

Postby SARPBC LACHINIO on Thu May 16, 2013 4:24 pm

ThePieManOfDeath wrote:
SARPBC LACHINIO wrote:Haha, that was my cousin! That wasn't me! My cousin is an idiot when it comes to rage quitting! I sent u a request because I wanted to apologize bcuz of my cousin! My cousin also knows how to freestyle but he sucks. I don't use freestyle all the time btw.

This is like the billionth time I've seen this excuse from you. You might want to make your cousin his own account.

He already has one, its called ieatfries1234.
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Re: SARPBC 2-Improvements/Freestyle discussion/Whatever, rea

Postby oneill_clan on Sat Dec 14, 2013 2:56 pm

I have brought this up mainly because of i am currently editing for CM3. currently i have around 15 or so videos left to edit down. The reason I have not yet finished and able to start recording for the time lapse is because of the editor/file compression or maybe just the game idk. I tend to find when exporting the video to the Ps3's xmb that the video can stutter a lot or have really high amounts of frame drops, to the point where i need to do like 10 or 12 edits on the 1 video just to get the one with the least drops & no stutter. I was hoping their would be a way around this problem (i imagine there will be with better technology etc now) so that maybe in bc2 we can have stutter free & frame drop free videos (until we have to sacrifice it too youtube)

I also have an idea for the In-game tournament system but once alpha is released and i get to physically see the design of it then i will be able to adapt my idea to help hopefully improve how the tournament system can be used and made easier.
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Re: SARPBC 2-Improvements/Freestyle discussion/Whatever, rea

Postby painwave on Thu Feb 20, 2014 6:40 am

first of all thank you for making rocket league! i was really sad when sarpbc whent no online/ranking omg really????
i bought it straight whitout ps+ just to support the game!

but this rocket league dang this raw feeling nice!!! and the tutorial just amazing
but here i say i really mis 2 things!!! auto brake/roll function in the air ...something to switch that to! just in options!
and the ultimate speed display ... more visual effect to the max speed / destruction capability display

and well that pingpong vs ! but im still trying out my first season so i have not experienced vs yet
and i chose to buy rocket league instead of playstation plus....
hope pingpong is implemented if it is...thnx for that!!! love yall!

how about an option to swich on auto brake function in the air...
and i would like unlockable cartparts ^^
some simple tuning methods on changing steering
or balancing between accelleration and top speed
maybe even for the turbo, force vs duration
EDIT > NICE carparts is available in rocket league but i dont see any stat changing parts
really would love to see that

further more like many mentioned before me...
more 2/4 player games
a great training mission would be slow time ball with unlimited turbo

how about changing the starting position of the ball to flying high in the air at 1 position
and everyone start with full turbo that would setoff a flying match for sure!

i like the pingpong idea in sarpbc (like in the training mission with the explosive wall) but then 2/4 plyr vs

maybe even something similair to volley ball that players will have to hit air bound targets instead of scoring

a game where the car takes damage from hitting the ball...after 1 to 10 hits depending on the ball type...cart will explode
this can be really challenging for example a lava ball makes you explode on 1 contact and reset
a metal ball will make you explode after hitting it 10 times
maybe even a plastic ball that will explode and reset after it gets hit for 10 times

extreme bouncy ball ^^ :P

more ideas
ice maps
no turbo maps....or always turbo maps
maps with higer or lower gravity (if infinite turbo no gravity at all)
goals that will slide/turn/hover or even have its entry blocked with a wall before you hit the button with the ball

fort mode addon (picking up a powerup or hitting a button somewhere)
Example blue team activates....TEAM BLUE hits button or pickup maybe center arena ceiling
small wall pops up in playing field around the goal or random...
bleu carts can drive thru the wall also balls shot by blue will go thru the wall
red team carts will explode on contact red team ball shots will bounce of the wall
maybe even getting the pickup with the ball and if you hit it 1 time low ground wall 2times jump wall 3times doubble jump wall

area affects...
rotors or something similair in the floor or wall blowing the ball away
moving or spinning floor parts
poisoning effects similair to ball touches...after touching ball you will explode in ???seconds

another idea.... :P throwin an oval ball :D

assuming every cart will have the option to use 1 special ability that will not recharge

could only think of 1 passive
Passive tripple jump (adding an option to perform another air nudge after doubble jump)
3 extreme boost shot > unlimited boost for ? seconds or>1 full ultimate boosts or >duration of boost expanded for ?? seconds
? seconds low gravity
? seconds acceleration and max speed increased (could also make a passive version)
? seconds mass increased (cannot be bounced and will destroy enemies with just 1 touch)

extreme ai....where are the really hard bots :P or maybe even costume bots (air no air or give advantage like below)
example...tripplejumpbots...flybots...pummel pots...indestructable bots...always turbo bots....ghost bots...etc

i read about level edit.....
it could be done in a different way to enhance the "pingpong" experience
example....the original pingpong mini game vs ai (green barrier that will make u explode)
placing the barrier on the ground at the enemy and on the lower brick wall "urban"
(touching ground and possible the brick wall will make u explode)
but will be able to fly acros the air at enemy ground
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