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Russian regions servers

Postby kassad on Sat Oct 28, 2017 5:15 am

I beg you to pay attention to the following problem. The game lacks some highly needed regions with servers for online matches. I am in Russia. In the game, my ping is never less than 80 ms (Region - Europe). Considering my geographical position, 80 ms is a relatively good ping indicator. A very large number of players from Russia are content with ping 100+ ms. I remember well that in season 1-2 the connection quality had a color indicator:
Ping <50 is green.
Ping 50-100 is yellow.
Ping> 100 is a brown color.
Then you did so, ping 0-100 ms is displayed in green. With all due respect to you, but this does not solve the problem in any way. Perhaps, the difference in ping in the range 0-100 no one will notice from the players at low ranks. But matches at high ranks have extremely high dynamics. In this situation, ping is one of the important indicators that determines the advantage of the team.
So what is it possible to observe when ping 80?
- I and the ball fly through each other. When watching the replay it is clear that I flew past the ball.
- I hit the ball and this is accompanied by a characteristic sound "hit the ball." For a moment the ball changes the trajectory of the flight from the impact, but then teleports to the previous flight path. When watching the replay, you can see that I did not even touch the ball. The same can be observed with other players, both in the ally and in the opponent.
- it is impossible to make a "cosmetic" impact for a small change in the flight path of the ball.
- when trying to hitŠ± the body of the car half penetrates into the texture of the ball, but there is no impact. When watching the replay it is clear that I flew past the ball.
I gave the example of the main points that affect the outcome of the match.
I do not possess the ideal knowledge in the field of computer networks. But I know that ping depends on the number of points of active equipment on the way from the client to the server. And the number of active equipment points will depend directly on the distance. I keep wondering why in the US the servers are divided into as many as 2 regions West and East, and in a huge Russia there is not a single server? Agree, the current problem with ping causes justified resentment among Russian players.
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