Noticing some new things Good/bad

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Noticing some new things Good/bad

Postby Volodesi on Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:59 pm

Tenac and I started playing again since Rocket League is gone for awhile.

We've noticed that the game is laggy now compared to what it was.. Especially in Split screen.

Vertical sync is till broke and doesn't work right. It makes the game run worse. Feels like the FPS drops to 20 when it's on.

Some of the maps used to have really good frame rate in multiplayer, but now it seems the frame rate way worse. A lot of detail used to be missing in Split screen that you could only see in Single player. I believe this is the reason the frame rate is as bad now.

Ball cam is pretty bad still. It doesn't keep up with the ball very well in Split screen and it goes off the screen. Kinda makes us sick at times the way it tries to track the ball.

I don't know if it's always been this way.. but braking in BC1 is so bad. Could this be tweaked a little?

Could we also get option to rename Profiles? I didn't name my profile Volodesi when I first got the game and I want to try playing some games online without losing my single player stuff.

Other than that I didn't think we'd be having as much fun as we did before. I can definitely say Rocket League has better controls though. :P
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