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Re: Rocket League Support Team

Postby Waterbottle on Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:18 am

Maverol wrote:Hi. I have a problem - as I recently played with a friend ranking game, my team came out 1 person and did not come bot. Is this a mistake or is it supposed to be?

Hello Maverol and welcome to the forums.

Bots will replace a player only in casual matches, not in ranked matches.
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Re: Rocket League Support Team

Postby Destinator on Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:06 pm

Hello Rocket League Support Team,
I have nearly 400 hours in Rocket League now and i have so much games where player are salty, attacking each other, trolling and much more. I feel like the guys which get reported for using words to attack other players don't get banned they are more and more. The player in Rocket League disable normal games and you get loses after loses just because someone dont wants to play anymore after a goal in ther first minute. I'm not talking from Bronze or Silver, I'm talking from Platin, I don't know how it is under Gold and over Diamond but it's hard and makes the whole day to a piece of shit.

I would appreciate it if u start to think about some ways to make the community more friendly and do smth. against the hard flaming people.
League of Legends for an example writes in the loading screen that people who aren't flaming and honor others for good things are winning 63% or smth. in that area more games and you can get queue timeouts and bans from flaming.

I'm not sure what u are doing against the flamers and I don't know if youre doing much against them. What I can see is a angry community and the teams are not palying anymore they are crying and wanna kill you mentaly :/ Thats no fun for me anymore it's just how to get youre day more ways. (And yes there are some very friendly and honorable guys but they are at least 5-10%)
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