Just discussing my and your own. ( Comp/General talk )

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Just discussing my and your own. ( Comp/General talk )

Postby UnknownMaster21 on Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:29 pm


First of all, there is still plenty of time, but my target was to get Champion solo standard. Highest I managed to get was Diamond II ( VERY, VERY CLOSE DIamond III ). At the moment, I am dropped almost to Platinum 2. I just noticed why I do not achieve my goal is my gameplay is decreased. I make more mistakes and loss streak increases.

While I was thinking, for being honest, getting to champion is more or less possible to make it... Seems it is not for me at all. What I can blame? Myself.

I feel frustrated. I also noticed this game is more like working than actual fun. That's why gameplay suffers. Guess I took my goal too seriously and all I get was stopped progress. Sure, rating is still over 900 and I believe I still have chance to get back to over 1000 again. Unfortunately time is running out on Season 4 and with this mood might not be no good to make it out. Drat.

However, I might be never grand champion titled on this game despite while having this nickname I use ( This is original nickname, from 2006 as very first time, if you see this, it is same me ), I still have experienced little about how things looks like when you really dominate the game, regardless of any reason. Maybe this is another factor when getting frustrated and making more mistakes. Knowing your capability but lacking to use it or fix it. Or even learn more of it.

This game mode is very hard for me. When season 5 starts, I make sure I just get that rank I deserve, not that I try to accomplish. I was somewhat close to get champion on season 3 as well.

I have experienced people insulting and releasing the salt towards to me when I make a critical mistake, I do feel it. I might answer back with sharp comment but instead of counter-insult, something clever. Yes, I admit I have rage quited couple of times loosely these days, might have used sarcasm...

...but spamming "kys faggot" by constantly or even ruining the game deeper... no, never felt to do so. ( Depends does ruining the game by doing mistakes count? I guess that is moral which is speaking in terms of feelings and thoughts. )

So yeaa! I lost the game(s), gg. It sucks but I take it. Too bad I wont make to get a reward from champion rank, by saying this, people would really think about was that the only reason to get there? No, despite being an also item collector and partial no lifer at the moment, no, it was not the only reason. Ok, enough chit chat, see you in Season 5.
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Re: Just discussing my and your own. ( Competitive talk )

Postby AlexCuse44 on Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:01 pm

If your goal is to hit champ I recommend you play 2s rather than solo standard. It is much easier that way even though the MMR is much higher.
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Re: Just discussing my and your own. ( Competitive talk )

Postby OsoMako on Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:32 pm

I've seen pros who are barely clinging to super champ or champ in solo standard. It's not a well balanced mode ranking wise. They fixed this last season. I guess we'll see if they do the same this season.

The only advice I can give you is to keep changing paces to find what works in each game. Start fast, and go slower if it isn't working. Then go faster if that gets countered. The real key to competitive is to make sure all of your touches are SPOT ON. I know this sounds obvious, but sometimes I'll be more focused on pacing and passing and what the opponent is doing. And that's really important, don't get me wrong, but the first and foremost thing to work on is the quality of your touches. Good luck. :)
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Re: Just discussing my and your own. ( Competitive talk )

Postby UnknownMaster21 on Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:10 am

Well, on season 3 @ doubles time ran out and I managed to get super champ "only", but I am not really interested to play that anymore, unless it is Hoops. The best game mode i have experienced is 4v4.

Btw I see funny how ppl complains about mmr and servers. Like what? No one understands that anyone cant play exactly same perfect game? Well, I can't. That's internet though.
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Re: Just discussing my and your own. ( Competitive talk )

Postby UnknownMaster21 on Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:40 am

So yeah, according to changes Psyonix have made, I will stop playing ranked/standard casual at least for while, due only standard maps allowed.

I have managed to go up Diamond 3 on solo standard. Champion rank and it's reward would be indeed possible, but nah, seeing the rewards, I will be happy to use my Gold banner. I got dropped as low as Platinum 1-2 and grind back to Diamond 1, then dropping and raising, repeating the same thing. Then I managed to "FINALLY" getting to Diamond 2, then Diamond 3, and that's where I am. I bet my real rank should be somewhere middle of Diamond 1. As I have over 1000 matches played Solo Standard, seeing some people being at "Level Asian" just on Platinum 2, and "Not so good plays" seen on Diamond 2-3, I think I can safely say I belong there.

Sure, because it is not Solo Duel but Solo Standard, that requires all 3 people at team to play at least decently to have plausible victory against another team. Also, I have seen only one person, ( not me ) who are managed to play pretty well all the time, I have won against him/her 0 times. So, despite tried to demolish you all the time, you have managed to keep your head cool. You have earned it. ( Not gonna show name )

Okay, one thing what I did also, was having only quick chats allowed. I have decided to keep this nearly permanent, as seeing toxic chat is also a strategy to make your opponents tilt. That's what I have noticed sometimes as well. Now they can do nothing more than attempting to demolish me/others by blocking chat. Makes game better quality and stays for long so. Sure, I have encountered one guy who after loss added me and started to threaten there how I am supposed to be killed right away.

What I see is, that there is not enough quality used at mental hospitals or therapy, or anything similar. Makes me amused but also a bit sad. Seriously... I know I won't judge people by extracting their frustrations after a failed thing, regardless of any and anywhere, including real life, but acting afterwards I mentioned was like... yeah, let's change topic.

Finally, you might have thought that why then I would go to switch Rocket Labs / Hoops / Dropshot, if they would only have limited maps as well? Especially Hoops and Dropshot has only one map, isn't that more boring than playing ranked on next season?

I can tell simply, deciding to not play ranked on season 6 is not only a complain against Psyonix after they decided only standard maps, no... But another reason is simply Hoops, Dropshot and Rocket Labs has still long lifespan for me, than standard maps. It was great to see after a while Neo Tokyo or Starbase Arc. Only map decoration I really dislike is Urban Central. However, I do like Champions Field.

There is still pretty low chance I will touch ranked, that will happen, if I am @ party and I say we can play anything he/she wants, and decides to put ranked, then I am fine, otherwise playing alone... nah. And casual ones, other than alternative game modes, good bye. ( Only 4 versus 4 will be one, because that is indeed the best game mode, which will now getting damaged quite a bit in my view after update )

I tried to be clear as possible. People have complain about my text of english is quite hard to read, and I understand that. Sometimes afterwards it is hard even to me reading the one I have wrote up, so yeah. This is my thoughts.

One more thing about crates and items: Collection continues, I have collected many items in only 3 ways:
Gifts ( Literally )
Uncommon Drops.

No item to item trades never done, excluding keys to crates and items I have got before at mentioned fashion.

EDIT: Game Modes I will continue/ not continue at season 6


Duel 1v1
Ranked Duel 1v1
Doubles 2v2
Standard 3v3
Ranked Solo Standard 3v3

Yeah, If I am in party, and not leader of the party and I decide everything is fine

Private Matches ( With Mutators on )
Ranked Doubles 2v2
Ranked Standard 3v3


Chaos 4v4
Rocket Labs
Snow Day
Other Non-Standard
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