(Trading thread) Find the item you are looking for!

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Re: (Trading thread) Find the item you are looking for!

Postby VisualPixal on Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:16 pm

Item you want: any painted vehicles
Color: N/A
Certified: n/a
Category(boost, wheels, etc): Vehicle
Platform: Xbox
Items I have to give: All my crates, not sure exactly how many but about 15 total Overdrive, Turbo, Haunted Hallow, Accelerator, Player's Choice, Nitro
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Re: (Trading thread) Find the item you are looking for!

Postby Sk8trfreak on Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:36 pm

Looking for colored halos. Any color.
I'm on Xbox one. GT is Sk8trfreak. What do you want?
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Re: (Trading thread) Find the item you are looking for!

Postby DaPharaoXXL on Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:25 pm

Item I want: Keys
Color: no
Certified: no
Category(boost, wheels, etc):
What item(s) do I have (offer 1 by 1):
Chest - Turbo 3x
Chest - Nitro 4x
Chest - Choise 5x
Chest - Halloween 12x
Chest - Champions 2 1x

Edit: If you take all chests, i will give you they for 12 keys.

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Re: (Trading thread) Find the item you are looking for!

Postby Fresh1Six on Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:20 am

Item you want: Black market Decals
Color: n/a
Certified: indifferent
Category(boost, wheels, etc): Decals
Platform: (steam, ps4, xbox one): Xbox One
What item(s) do you offer?: (specify if its painted, certified, etc.): willing to let go any of the following: Forest Green Animus GP, Titanium White Sweeper Cert. SLK'S, Sky Blue Hexphase, Tora Black Market Decal, Cobalt Blue Breakout Type-S Funnybook Decal, Cert. Striker Reaper Goal Explosion, Bats Goal explosion, Frostbite Boost, Pink Gaiden Wheels, Ara 51 wheels, Voltaics (regular and tacticion Cert.) Wheels, turbine Wheels, FSL's (reg and forest Green) Wheels, Saptorishis Wheels, certain Import vehicles, Distortion (octane, ZSR, Takumi), Snakeskin (octane, Roadhog) etc.

I also have 3 Players Choice Crates, 4 CC4 Crates, 6 Overdrive Crates, 5 Accelerator Crates, 3 Turbo and 2 Nitro.
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