My letter to Psyonix

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My letter to Psyonix

Postby ActionWaters on Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:37 pm

Hello everyone.
I'm going to writing a suggestion for the upcoming SARPBC2 game that is coming. I'm going to write it in the style of a letter to Psyonix for dramatic effect. I welcome your opinions and as always, thanks for reading.

Dear Psyonix,
First of all, let me preface this by saying you folks have made an excellent game. Unique, addictive, and, always enjoyable. One of the reasons I got a PS3 was because of this game, no lie. This game that you have made has spawned a legion of players. Spread around the world like a Reddit link, and as addictive as pistachios this game now has in a place in a gamers heart that no other game has.

Now that the sequel has gained traction and showing more signs of life each day I feel as if these thoughts need sharing.

To get things started we first have to look at what you, Psyonix, as a company have. A great product, and a growing online community. Games with huge communities thrive and I believe SARBC2 has that potential to become the next big thing.
Getting to a thriving community will take a lot of work, as Rome wasn't built in a day. Let's look at Minecraft for example. Independent game made in Sweden, in 2010 the game was Beta now only a mere 4 years later that community thrived and has become a phenomena of a game. User-creation and customization is what drove Minecraft to be the Juggernaut it is today.

The community of Psyonix can grow and be bigger and better than ever. As I was writing this there are 4 guests on the forum and myself, with the right tweeks to the game the online community can flourish to thousands of users populating the game and letting more content flow.

Innovators, how do you add user-creation and customization to SARBC2? User created stadiums, cars, games even! Let the users run around with the game logic, not mod the game of course, but make it their own game. Whether it's car soccer with more rules, to a whole new game.

Creation of games within games is of course not new, Halo did it. Maybe the player can create a race, stunts, derby , etc. This game can be taken so many ways and Psyonix and the growing community will be the key too unlock them. The game is called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars, in no way does that imply car soccer. The utilization of user-created games lets the communities' creativity flow and lets users come back and want to see what new experience they can get.

Giving the user the freedom to create their own game would be a very big step of course. What separates the garbage from the treasure? Let the users decide, and possibly if the game gets enough attention, maybe Psyonix could add to the meaning of Super Sonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars.

Let's add a little more, not to the online multiplayer aspect but to the singleplayer and local multiplayer aspect. Let me also add that, with user created games, if it's downloaded to the machine make it available in the offline mode. No one likes inconsistencies.

Single player/Split Screen in SARBC was the most played either alone (of course) or with friends as we could never find matches online that suited our skill level, or didn't lag out. But all it was, was the same game over and over and over.
Now I've been keeping up with the news updates that Psyonix releases online and they all sound like GREAT ideas. An awesome way to change things up in this mode, but how about add something that games like Madden, FIFA, and all those other sport games have?
I'm talking about season, tournaments, and of course exhibition games. Let the user change game length, add quarters, halves, periods what ever. Let the user change the length of aforementioned ideas.

Now, follow me, let's add more to the opposing teams. Random name generators, let the player create his/her own team and player against teams of other people or bots who also have their own team name. Maybe, download a database of team names and let the player play said team in offline mode. That would be the easiest way to keep fresh team names.

This way, the single player/split screen game mode gives the player a sense of moving forward. Adding team names and more depth to the opposing team makes wins taste better and loses tastes worst. The season could end in a tournament mode with the "Superbowl-esque" game to tie it up (assuming the player makes it that far). Let's say you and a friend play a season game but your friend is going out of town for a month, let them play these online as well.

Psyonix, as I've stated before you folks have made a great game and of course this is just my two cents. I really would like to see this game get the recognition it deserves and want to see it played on every (insert release hardware here). This game has a lot of potential; I trust every single one of you no matter what goes into this game. No matter what gets released, I will play the heck out of it 24/7 like I do the original one.

This post uses ideas found in my a previous post HERE:

Again thank you anyone reading this, I just felt the need to get that off my chest.
All the best, and get some good rest Psyonix team.
-AW :scarab:

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Re: My letter to Psyonix

Postby Hot Koolaid on Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:02 pm

Good letter.

The main thing that needs to improve with offline is the AI, something to challenge the good players. I think that a training simulator would also be a great feature, you are able to spawn the ball and cars in a custom position in order to practice shots, dribbles, and aerials. A random practice mode, such as the mini game breakaway, would also be nice. And finally, a map editor that allows for creativity.
I'm a beast in that regard
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Postby wwefan123 on Fri Jan 20, 2017 6:16 pm

Hi psyonix i was playing rocket leauge and i was trading with my friend and then he said he would give me back my items and then he wanted something so i did and he scammed me because before it hit trading in 1he took the items out and then he scammed me and he would not give it back so if you could try to ban this guys account on ps4 and his username is [Name removed by mod] so if you can try to ban his account thank you.
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